About Us

The company owns three production lines which are specialied in nonwoven manufactures. Also,there are professional R&D teams working on all kinds of cleaning materials,daily wiping materials and beauty facial mask materials.By sticking to the priciple- customers first, the company has established a comprehensive quality manage system in order to guarantee the stability of quality and service.

Why Choose Us

Our company is mainly engaged in the sales of all kinds of facial mask and facial mask materials, washcloths and washcloths materials, wet wipes and wet towel materials, as well as all kinds of beauty cosmetics and cleaning .

  • Company Development

    The main members of the company's team have entered the non-woven material industry since 2005. In 2016, Zhejiang Jiecheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established. In just a few years, they have accumulated rich product production technology and industry process experience. Based on the existing management team, it will further deepen the industry operation, expand the market channel, fully serve the international market, improve the demand service of international customers, and enhance the customer experience

  • Application of the product

    Various facial mask and facial mask materials Shampoo and washcloth materials, wipes and wipes materials

    And sales of all kinds of beauty products and packaging materials

  • Build aseptic safety workshop

    Standard operation process, dust-free workshop, quality assurance, peace of mind

Strong Production Support System

OurAll-round partners to help production development, overseas expansion and global layout

Efficient process and fast delivery

In each link, we strive to standardize the process, respond efficiently, and let what you see is what you get.